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Valentines Day card 

(Resources: card or paper, pens, glue)


As you probably already know, it is Valentines Day on Sunday 14th February. It is a day to celebrate your loved ones and tell anyone special to you how special they are! 

Can you have a go at making your very own Valentines Day card for your mummy or daddy and brother or sister? I'm sure they will absolutely love it! Reds and pinks are the colours associated with valentines day so can you find these colours and design your own card. Here are some ideas below. 

You could even get some red paper and stick lots of different pink and red things on it that you can find around your house such as pom poms or feathers, different coloured paper and tissues. 

Heart printing with toilet roll

(Resources: toilet roll, paint)

We love stamping in Nursery and it is super easy to make stamps using old toilet rolls or kitchen rolls. All you need to do it mold one end of the toilet roll into a heart shape and stick in it place with some sellotape. Then get some paint, this can be red or pink but you can use whatever colour you have in your house. 

Then dip the end into the paint and get stamping onto your paper. It will leave a lovely pattern.

Can you try and do a pattern using different colours? Maybe you could do one red heart, one pink heart then repeat it. Please send them to me at I would absolutely love to see them!

Good luck!