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Spring 1: Tremendous Tudors

Today we kicked off our next adventure with a visit from a Tudor Workshop. We learnt about many aspects of Tudor life, ready for our History topic.

We explored a range of artefacts in groups. We sketched the object and annotated it with the material it was made from. We also had a guess at what the object may have been used for. 

We played ‘nine men’s mile’ in pairs, the Tudor version of naughts and crosses. We were very competitive!!

We used a Tudor calculator to solve simple equations. We had to write Latin numerals to show a number e.g. 327 in Latin numerals. 

We used an ink and quill to write out the Tudor alphabet. We used a Tudor Horn Book that was typical of Tudor schools to copy out the vowels, alphabet, Lord’s Prayer and our name.

Tudor Dancing

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Below are our recounts of Tudor day. We have been working hard on using all our writing skills in one piece of writing - a very tricky skill!

Today we celebrated King Day which occurs in France. The children got to try a pastry called the galette des rois. One pastry had a hidden bean inside, the person with the bean in their pastry became king or queen for the day. The winner was Reenie!

In History we were ordering key events from the Tudor era. We learnt about chronology and how to order a timeline. The children then created a beautiful timeline in their adventure books.

In History today we have been interrogating sources to piece together what happened at the Battle of Bosworth. We then created a 5ws table outlining, who, what, where, when and why!

Today we have been zooming into Henry 8th’s family. We put his parents, wives and children into chronological order and learnt about how influential Henry was on Tudor Britain.

This week is poetry week. We have been working with Chris to write our own poems about different Tudor Jobs. The children will be performing this in our poetry assembly. 

In RE, we have been exploring key Muslim stories that teach us about Muslim actions, words and instructions. The children re enacted the different stories and will be analysing their meaning and how we will apply it to our everyday life.

In Hustory, we have been comparing houses from the Tudor, Anglosaxons and the modern day. The children put the facts into a venn diagram so they could clearly see the similarities and differences.

In Art, we have been practicing our painting skills in the build up to our final Georgia O’Keefe inspired piece. The children have been thinking about tone, colour and shade, and how we can use these to make our work more realistic.

This half term has been our drug, smoking and alcohol topic. The children learnt about the law surrounding these, their impact on our bodies and what might influence us; media, family, friends etc.

Today we have been jousting in preparation for our jousting commentary this week. We learnt about Tudor entertainment and how it was similar/different today.