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Adventure 5: The Princess Protection Programme

The Princess Protection Programme

Class song- puff the magic dragon

For lyrics coloring pages, clip art

News has come in, a fierce dragon is on the loose. He is looking for a beautiful princess to steal and has been sighted flying over Leeds Castle! Our job as leaders of the Princess Protection Programme is to defeat the dragon and send the princess somewhere safe!

Our first job was to report on the terrible attacks to the castle. We received CCTV footage from the castle showing the dragon's movements. We quickly gathered all of the information and wrote up newspaper reports to tell the City of Leeds what was happening.

From the CCTV footage we described the scenes to the public so they knew what was going on and if the princess was safe.

Our first job as leaders of The Princess Protection Programme was to find somewhere we could send the princess to hide whilst we defeat the dragon. We researched to find a place that she would not be found. On the biggest continent we decided India was the best place to hide her, in Delhi. We looked on maps and in atlases to find the United Kingdom and India, we then looked at where Leeds and Delhi were. We planned a route to get the princess there safely and noted the oceans and continents she would pass over.

We then wrote a letter to the King and Queen to explain all about the programme. We completed a Burn2Learn around the school to find out all of the information we could about the programme to feed back to the royals. We explained who we were, why we were sending the princess away, where she was going and why, what she would do whilst she was away and how we would defeat the dragon.

The princess was on route to Delhi! We thought it would be nice to keep her calm by showing her what India looked like from the sky so that she could look out for it. We looked at the physical features of India. 

The dragon was flying over Leeds and scaring all the people in the city.  We were getting phone calls from lots of people telling us where he was. We used this information and maps of Leeds to track where the dragon has been flying so we could find him.  We made a map of all of the buildings he was attacking.

The princess tells us all about the country she has landed how she wants to explore and find out about where she is. We decided to send her on a scavenger hunt to different places in India and gave her items to find! We then pretended to be the princess and went on our own scavenger hunt.

The princess told us how she was struggling with how hot it was in Delhi. We looked at maps and globes and discovered the India was closer to the equator and that's why it's hotter. We made the princess Indian patterned fans to cool her down.

We went to look at Kirkstall Abbey to see the damage that the dragon had caused. We then drew our favourite part that we would like to keep in the new building that replaces it.

We then designed new buildings that could replace Kirkstall Abbey.

As we were preparing for the Holi Festival we learnt about the different foods that would be available for the princess to try. We looked at Indian sweets and how they are different to our sweets. We then recreated our own.

We had great fun at our Holi Festival! Have a look at the pictures...

We wrote descriptions of the festival and what we saw.

This week we were determined to get rid of the dragon once and for all. We made him a dragon stew that was magical and would never stop growing.

It worked the dragon was gone! To celebrate the return of the princess we held an Indian Banquet with our parents.