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Activities during closure- week begininng 11/05/20


This week it's all about your favourite film or TV show! For today's activity all I want you to do is watch your favourite film/Favourite T.V show or just a short clip of it on Youtube! When you've done this draw a picture of what you saw or just what pops in to your head when you think of it. Make it as colourful and exciting as you can!


When the picture is finished show it to different people in your house and see if they can guess what film or T.V show it is!  


Today I want you to think about your favourite character! When you have decided who it is, draw a picture of this person in a middle of a piece of paper. Label your picture with adjectives to describe this person! Think about what they look like? how they act? What do they do? 

I know you're all superstars so I don't want you to use any boring adjectives, make them as interesting as you can! You could even research words you haven't used before and really impress your family and me! I cant wait to hear them. 


Today it's time to create your own character! The people who create your TV show/film want you to design a new character to be in their TV/show or film! Your job is to write a short letter to the producers explaining what your character is like and what their going to do in the film/show. 

Once you have written your letter you can draw a picture of the character underneath!

Remember to address your letter correctly (example underneath)


Dear producers of ...



The producers loved your characters so much that they want you to make your own film or TV show! All you have to do today is think of a name and what it's going to be about. When you have thought of a name of your film or TV show you need to write it in the middle of a piece of paper. Then you need to draw arrows shooting off your name, on the end of the arrows write information about characters in your film? What it's about? what happens?


I can't wait to hear about these films/TV shows!


Underneath is an example of what your piece of paper could look like. 


Have fun!


Your film/TV show has now been made! The premiere is going to be in a few weeks and the producers now want you to make a poster! It needs to stand out and have important information on it like the name and date of when it is out! Below is an example of a film poster you can take some ideas from.