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Adventure 2- The Firework-Maker's Daughter

The competition went ahead. Lila and her father won! We wrote a recount to tell people about it.

We did a storyboard to remember what has happened so far in the book.

Lalchand was captured by the King and needed our help to invent a new firework- we designed our own.

Lila reached the top of Mount Merapi and she looked dreadful. In geography, we mapped out Lila’s journey using coordinates.

Before climbing the mountain we met a water Goddess and drew her for art.

The restaurant was failing so we helped Rambashi by writing him an advert. We even found an advert on trip advisor but it wasn’t very good. We improved it!

Lila met some pirates so we wrote a diary about her journey across the river. Arriving at the other side we saw a restaurant called ‘Jungle Grill’ so we visualised it.

Jungle atmosphere

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Created a jungle atmosphere to help with our writing. We all dressed up as animals and gave the jungle feel for Lila as she walked through the jungle. From this, we wrote a setting description.

We then compared Lila’s village to where we’re from (Leeds). We also answered some questions about Indonesia and used secondary research to do this.

Lila wants to know the final step of her apprenticeship as a firework-maker but her father won't tell her as it is too dangerous. Her friend Chulak wants to help and tells her that he will talk to her father for her. He manages to trick her father into telling him that the final step to being a firework-maker is to travel to the volcano to collect the Royal Sulphur. We acted out this conversation and then wrote some speech using the correct punctuation.

Lila wants to be a firework-maker but her father wants her to have a husband. We had a debate to decide what should happen. We then wrote this down as an argument using conjunctions to give our point of view.


This half term in Oak Class, we will be joining Lila on her journey and meeting other characters along the way.


‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’ is about a young girl names Lila who doesn’t just want to be the daughter of a Firework-Maker, she wants to be one herself! Although she has learnt lots of skills throughout her childhood, her father won’t tell her the final step of her apprenticeship- the most dangerous step of all.


Due to this, she decides to set off on her journey, alone. She walks through an ear-deafening jungle, encounters some bearded pirates and challenges herself to walk to the top of Mount.Merapi.