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Adventure 4 The Day the Crayons Quit

Come and join us on our new adventure- We have a problem, the crayons have had enough! They are through with being treated badly, being left on the floor, being crushed into the carpet and snapped. They have decided enough is enough and they have all left. They have taken holidays around the world and it is our mission to get them to return. Can you help?

When we arrived in the classroom there were crayons everywhere! Notes and drawings had been left to say that the crayons had quit! We hadn’t been treating them very well at all. We wrote in our diaries to talk about what had happened.

In order to make a successful pencil case, we practiced weaving, threading a needle and the stitches we would need.

Our parents came to help us sew our crayon cases together. We showed them how to do a running stitch and an over stitch. 

Our final crayon cases!

We wrote adverts for our amazing pencil cases. We wanted the crayons to come back to somewhere safe.

Red crayon was first to leave. We decided to draw a picture of our families with red crayon, however we had to do it with a broken crayon and in 1 minute! This is how they turned out…

We then evaluated our drawings (and realised why red was so annoyed).

This week we learnt about our new artist Yayoi Kusama, we found out a little bit about her. 

We looked at different brush sizes to help us make our motif like Kusama.

We then used these different brushes to practise making patterns. These will be used on our final pieces.

We looked at colours on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. We then used our colour mixing skills to make them. 

We then began to plan our final pieces and thought about where we wanted our motif to be. We planned out the colours we wanted to use too.

We found out that Grey, Black and White crayon had left for Antarctica! They were there because there were lots of things for them to colour there (penguins, seals, ice, whales). They said they would come back if we told people about the animals that live there and why we need to stop the ice melting. They left us messages around the room.

We were sent lots of pictures of Antarctica from the crayons so we decided to write descriptions of where they were for the other crayons! 

Yellow and orange crayon were fighting over who was the true colour of the sun. They left out pictures from the week to show who was used and on what days. We added feelings to them to show how yellow crayon was feeling during the week.

Performance poetry

In guided reading we have been looking at poetry. We performed one called ‘Mermaid’s Purse’.


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Where in the World?

we used globes to identify different countries just by being shown their outline and a c,use if we needed it.

Spelling Practise

We have been practising our spellings whilst doing silly things like pretending to be underwater, doing star jumps or rowing a boat!


Our final mission was to make the crayons happier in their new pencil case homes. Lots of the crayons were broken or had their wrappers missing. So we decided to turn them into new multi-coloured crayons and solve two problems: being broken, short and stubby and fighting over who gets to colour what.

In RE we have been looking at how God sends messages. We have looked at Bible stories of Jonah and the Whale and Daniel and the Lions. We make puppets to retell the story and even acted them out. 


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In reading we have been looking at poetry. We looked at the poem ‘Happy’ and then recreated our own happy poems.

We have continued to study different explorers in history. This week we went skiing and learnt about the explorer Felicity Aston.