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Other activity ideas

As well as a daily activity, we know a lot of you will be very enthusiastic about doing some extra work. Everyone has their purple mash and Times Tables Rockstars logins, where you can find a variety of activities to keep you busy online. Some other ideas to keep you occupied are the following:


  • Joe Wicks morning PE lesson, live on Youtube at 9am.
  • BBC Bitesize (online) has lots of activities for all the different subjects we do at school. Click on the Key Stage 2 section and choose your subject.
  • TV can be educational too! Remember we all played Countdown before we finished school? It’s on Channel 4 every weekday at around 2pm. You never know, keep watching it and you might beat Mr Ashford in the number round when you’re back.
  • More Maths with Carol Vorderman at 10am. Go on
  • More English with David Walliams at 11am. Go onto


We will keep this updated where possible. All your hard work is amazing and continues to make us proud.