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When we came back to nursery after half term the classroom was transformed into a witches den! The children took part in many spooky and creepy Halloween activities. The children loved talking about their experiences of Halloween and they were very excited to tell the staff about the huge amount of sweets they had collected.

Witches Potions

Witches Potions 1 We created at Potion to help Meg the WItch!

Funnybones Cutting Skills

Funnybones  Cutting Skills 1
Funnybones  Cutting Skills 2 We used scissors to cut out the skeleton!


Pumpkins 1
Pumpkins 2
Pumpkins 3
Pumpkins 4
Pumpkins 5
Pumpkins 6
Pumpkins 7 We dissected pumkins and talked about how it felt!

Spider Webs

Spider Webs 1
Spider Webs 2
Spider Webs 3
Spider Webs 4
Spider Webs 5 We created our own sppoky spider webs!