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Tuesday 26th Jan


Today we are going to be collating all of our knowledge about multiplication and division to solve problems. We will look at using the bar model to understand the question and then from this figure out whether it is a multiplication or division question. As we have now looked at various methods, we will be able to use the most appropriate method to complete the problem. Don't worry if you find this tricky, do your best! 

Guided reading:

Today we are going to be focusing on our preview skills. We did this at the start of the Iron Man and I thought it would be a good idea to now have a look at the book 'The Iron Woman'. During the live lesson we will be discussing what preview is and how we can use this skill to work out what the book is about. You will then go away to do your independent activity which is to write your thoughts about the front cover and the blurb. You might want to write something that you notice or something that you have a question about. We have done this plenty of times so you should be experts by now.

Children's work- Amelia-Rose


As you know, this week our writing genre is instructions. Hopefully by this point you should have either made a native American headdress or American style pancakes to write your instructions about. Whichever you made, the structure for instructions is always the same. This is what we will be looking at in today's lesson. We are going to look at the features of instructions and then think about the type of vocab that will be included depending on what your instructions are going to be for. We will not be writing our instructions in this lesson.



Today in science we are going to be looking at different types of skeletons. Go through the presentation to learn about the different types of skeletons and then there are 3 tasks to do. 

Task 1- is it a vertebrate or inverterbrate?

Task 2- does it have an endoskeleton, exoskeleton or hydroskeleton?

Task 3- do you know the names of any bones already?

Children's work- Sophie