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Today we are looking at the story - 'The Runaway Pancake'. Can you watch the story then draw some of the characters from the story. Can you put the characters in the right order? What order did they meet the pancake in? 

Can you video your children acting out parts of the story. This encourages their language skills. Can they put on a puppet show using an old box?


The Runaway Pancake / Storybook Read Aloud

Combining 2 groups

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Maths Challenge - Combining two groups

Drawing your favourite Jungle animal

polar bear .mp4

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Today we are exploring the 'th' sound. What can you find that begins with the sound 'th'. 

Can you take one item such as 'thread'. Split your page into four. Write and sound out the word 'thread in one box. 

Draw a picture in the next box. Write the word with colourful pens in the remaining box. Put the word into a verbal sentence and try and write your sentence in the remaining box. 


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