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Summer 1 - Egypt Explorers

Egypt Explorers

We see a breaking news headline saying that all the important artefacts from the British Museum have been stolen! We decided that we must help bring back these ancient artefacts so we hop into our TARDIS and travel right back to ancient civilisation of Egypt. Come with us as we explore this ancient land. We will learn about the pyramids and their tombs, mummification, mythology, Egyptian life and The River Nile.


Of course our song this adventure is "Walk Like an Egyptian". 


Learn the lyrics and the dance moves below! 

Walk Like an Egyptian

We heard about a breaking news headline that all the important artefacts from the British Museum had been stolen! We decided we must help bring back these ancient artefacts. So we hop into our Tardis and travel right back to the ancient civilisation of Egypt. 

As our journey was a long one we made a few stops along the way and created a timeline to remember where we’d been.

We then arrived and stepped out of the Tardis to find we were stuck in a pyramid! Loads of traps had been set so we had to avoid them all and make sure we didn’t sink in the sinking sand! We even had to run away from a boulder.

To celebrate that we avoided all of the traps, we learnt the dance moves to “Walk like an Egyptian.”

 As we are now archaeologists, we wanted to write a diary about everything that had happened. The pyramid was now safe as all the traps had been set off already, so we were able to explore the tombs. We looked at different pictures and wrote down adjectives to help us describe what we could see.


We knew we needed to learn more about where we were, so we created a map of Egypt to help us navigate around the country.

While exploring the pyramid, we noticed lots of strange symbols on the walls. We found out that there were hieroglyphs. We also found some cartouches so we decided to write our names on them. As we don’t have cameras with us, we needed to show the people in 2019 what an Egyptian tomb looks like! So we worked together to create replica tombs.

When searching the tomb, we noticed something strange in the middle! We opened it to find a MUMMY! We thought it would be fun to wrap each other up as a mummy before we learnt more about them.

 We learnt the gruesome steps of how to prepare a mummy and had a try on a game. It was very realistic and gross.

When searching the tomb, we noticed something strange in the middle! We opened it to find a MUMMY! We thought it would be fun to wrap each other up as a mummy before we learnt more about them.

 We learnt the gruesome steps of how to prepare a mummy and had a try on a game. It was very realistic and gross. Play the game below!

Miss Martin told us that the sneaky mummy had jumbled up all the steps around the room, so we completed a Burn2Learn to piece back together the steps of creating a mummy.

 We used the steps and created our very own storyboard to show others the process of mummification. 

We then tested out the ‘Natron’ they used to absorb all of the water with apples. We made our own Natron mixture and checked back every day to see what had happened to the apple with the Natron and the one without.

 We then wrote our very own mummification instructions.

Have a try at mummification at home!


As there were Gods on the canopic jars, we thought we should learn about the Egyptian’s religion. We learnt all about the Gods and their powers and did an “Egypt’s Got Talent” to decide which God was the best!

We then wrote a character description about our favourite Gods.

We also created our very own “Egyptian God Top Trumps”.




Next, we thought about everything that was precious to us, and what we’d want to be buried in our tomb with us to take to the afterlife.

 As we explored the tomb, we noticed some clay pots. We researched their purpose and decided to create our own! We then evaluated our finished product and asked our friends to evaluate them too.

 We wrote an advert for our clay pots to help raise a little money for the slaves that were building the stunning pyramids.

We also found an Egyptian recipe for bread in the tomb. This made us want to find out more about the food that Egyptians ate. We had a great time trying and testing Egyptian food.

 We found some maths in hieroglyphs and learnt about education in Egypt. We even had a try at their maths. It was tricky as we had to decode the hieroglyphs.

 We also found lots of other objects that gave us an insight into the daily lives of the Egyptians. We learnt about the jobs that the Egyptians did.

 We wanted to write poetry about the lives of Egyptians so they had something to sing whilst working hard either on the farms on building the pyramids. 


We finally managed to escape the pyramid and stepped outside! We couldn’t believe our eyes. Thousands of people were building the pyramid next door. We researched and found out how pyramids were built.

 We then wrote a non-chronological report on pyramids so that we could provide visitors at the museum with information.

We realised how much of a tough life the pyramid workers had. We imagined we were a pyramid worker and wrote a letter home to our mother telling them about our life building the pyramids.

 Creating the pyramids required a lot of pushing and pulling! We learnt about these forces in science.

 We then wondered whether we the Egyptians could’ve made the pyramid building easier if they used magnets to help them. We looked at which materials were magnetic and looked at the magnetic poles and how they worked.



Everywhere we explored, we always noticed the river Nile so we wanted to find out more about it and why it was so important to the Egyptians.

Next, we learnt about how the river Nile helped with the farming in Egypt. We crated calendars for the farmers to use so they knew when the river would flood.

 We then hopped on a reed boat and travelled down the river! It was so beautiful. We wrote down everything we saw in a setting description.

 We realised that this beautiful river needs to be seen by everyone. So to help make a little more money for the farmers, we decided to create river cruises! We wrote persuasive leaflets to get the word around Egypt!

 We then worked together and created our very own 3D map of the river Nile using different materials.

As we’d collected all of the artefacts that we needed, it was time to head back home and restore the Museum! We wrote invitations to the mayor to ask him to join us for the opening. We had to make sure we were very formal.

 The grand opening was fantastic! We had a café, gift shop, makeup, games to play and pyramids to build. We then asked everyone who attended to fill in a review slip for us.

 The grand opening was such a success that we wrote a newspaper report about the day. We even included the reviews as quotes.

Blossoming Buddies

We made our half-termly trip to Blossom class. They loved our gross mummification instructions and couldn't believe how long it took to build the pyramids!