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Tuesday 19th January

Maths - 


Yesterday we looked at splitting up our numbers into tens and ones. Today, we are going to continue using that method.


*Please ignore the addition sheet I set previously, it is only the subtraction sheet i need finishing*

Writing - 


We want to invite our new friend Peach to come with us to find the treasure. We need to write an invitation to her asking her to come. Think about the things we need to include in our invitation - 

Dear Peach 

What we are asking her 

What we are going to do 

Where she should meet us to come with us 

What time she should meet us 

From Blossom class. 


I would like us to use tricky words in our writing today. These are the words I want you to use - 


Friend (Eg, I would like you to come with me as you are my friend)

By (Eg, You can meet me by the dolphins home) 

Today (Eg, Will you meet me today)




There (Eg, We can get the treasure there.)

DT - 


We are going to make our own rock pools today! Have a look at the video below to see what you need to do. 


You will need - 

Plate / paper 

Paint / colouring pencils if you have no paint 

Rock pool

Still image for this video

Handwriting - 


Please practice your handwriting, the video below will tell you what letters to practise. 

Small letters

Still image for this video

Reading - 


Here is todays story, Frog on a Log. 

Frog on a Log

Still image for this video