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Keeping Safe and Managing Risk

Year 6 children participated in a digital wellbeing workshop. They learnt about how to stay safe online and also activities they could enjoy which reduces their screen time.

Children in key stage 2 listened to an assembly about the role the fire service and the police serve in our community. They also talked about the consequences for starting fires in the community, making hoax phone calls and also joint responsibility when crimes are committed and how it can lead to criminal offences and criminal records. the assembly was very informative and the children were able to ask lots of questions at the end of the presentation.

Children in year 3 have been learning about the effect bullying can have and what they can do if they or someone they know is being bullied.

Children in years two, three, four and five, took part in scooter training. They learnt how to safely use a scooter when on the pavement and how to cross the road safely whilst using a scooter. Below are photos of the children learning how to keep safe when using a scooter.

Year 4 Pedestrian training. The year 4 children were joined by the Leeds City Council Pedestrian Training team. They learnt about road safety, the highway code and how to cross the road independently and safely.

Children in year two and six have taken part in bikeability. The year two children learnt how to ride a bike safely on the playground. The year 6 children expanded on this knowledge they have previously learnt and learnt how to ride safely on the public roads surrounding the school. 

Children in year 4 have been learning how to manage an emergency situation. They learnt about the emergency services in the UK and how to contact them. They also learnt the information that needs to be given on the 999 by remembering the word LIONEL (Location, incident type, other services needed, number of people involved, extent of injuries and location again). The children role played how to remain calm in the emergency situation, check the surrounding for hazards, ring 999 and reassure the casualty.

Children in Year 4 have been learning about basic emergency first aid. Here are a couple of examples of the work the children have produced and also an example of a child practicing how to perform the recovery position.

The year 4 chidlren were lulcky enough to be involved in an online talk regarding water safety and staying safe near open water. the session was run by Yorkshire water and it was very informative. The children also had a chance to ask any questions that were relevant.

During computing lessons children having been learning about online safety and keeping safe online. Some children have made SMART posters that are now displayed around school to teach other children how to stay safe online and in the real world.

The school has also produced online safety displays above the computer suite to remind children how to stay safe online.

Children have completed a burn to learn. they collected evidence towards how to stay safe online.

Children year 6 have been learning about how to keep safe within the local community. They also discussed anti-social behaviour and what would and not be ok to carry on when in the local community.