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Wednesday 24th February


Today we are going to be comparing time, We are going to be working out how ling it took each person to do two different activities and then seeing which one took the longest amount of time and which took the shortest. 


Things to remember:

There are 60 minutes in an hour. 


Today we are going to be working out why grey and white crayon have quit. We are going to read their letters again and look for the reasons that they are fed up. Look carefully through their letters to answer the questions. 



1. Why does grey crayon believe Duncan is killing him?

2.  Name 3 animals that grey crayon believes are too big to colour by himself.

3. What animal does grey crayon suggest he colours? Why?

4. What else do you think grey crayon would like to colour?

5. How does white crayon feel?

6. What is white crayons problem?

7. What does white crayon get used for?

8. How do you think Duncan could use white crayon?


Now that we know where red crayon has been, thanks to his postcard, we are going to report back to the other crayons in the box about the places red crayon has been to and what you can do there. We are going to 'travel' to each of the famous landmarks in each country and see what red crayon got up to there. We are then going to write a report of the places red crayons went to on his trip to send back to other crayons. That way they will know that red crayon has been having a lovely holiday!


Our objective today is to use the connective 'when'. This will give Duncan more information about the time and place that red crayon did different activities. For example, When you visit the Sagrada Familia you will see that there is an old side and a new side. Inside the building are beautiful stained glass windows.

Eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower Paris, Elevator Ride Top Floor - 🇫🇷 France - 4K Walking Tour

Big Ben

Tour inside Big Ben clock tower in London

The Leaning Tower of Pisa | The Walk Up, The Views and The Bells Ringing

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Germany

[4K] Athens, Greece walking tour of the Acropolis in winter

Barcelone Sagrada Familia inside in Ultra 4k


Today we are going to be looking at junk modelling. This is where you get objects from your recycling bin, empty boxes, milk cartons and lids, kitchen roll tubes etc. and make something out of it. We are going to make an animal today that you would find in Europe. Research different animals you find in Europe and pick which one you would like to make! Whichever animal you pick it must be red to celebrate red crayon wanting to be different! You could colour, paint or stick red things to your animal.