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Today in Maths, we're going to do some simple dividing. 


When dividing, we're sharing and we need to share the tens and the ones.


If we have 68 divided by 2, we're dividing 68 into two equal groups. 


Step 1: Divide the tens, 6 tens divided by 2 = 3 tens = 30.


Step 2: Divide the ones, 8 ones divided by 2 = 4.


Step 3: Add both amounts together: 30 + 4 = 34. 


Use the images below to help!


Complete the workbook sheet. 


Today in Guided Reading, we're going to focus on a new character named Deborah. 


During the live lesson, we will be using clues from the text to look at this character's traits, their likes + dislikes and their actions. 


Today's task: Read the two pages attached below which introduce Deborah and fill in the different sections about this character including a picture of them. 




Today in writing, you're going to write a recount of the yeti demonstration! 


Your title will be: Recount of the Yeti Demonstration.


You need to ensure:

The events are in time order. 

You add lots of detail about each event and include character's names.

Use time conjunctions. 


If you didn't complete the summarisation task yesterday, below is a summary of the demonstration that you will need to add lots of detail to.


1: Con and Ellen travelled around London persuading children to join the demonstration.


2: Con and Ellen were upset because no one arrived at Buckingham palace. 


3: All of a sudden, thousands of people turned up with banners, shouting to the Queen!


4: It looked like nothing was going to change and they were going to go home. 


5: Perry arrived with 6 other lorries and blocked the entrance. 


6: The Queen agreed to help Con and Ellen to stop the hunters.