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Tuesday 23rd February


Today we are going to carry on finding the start times of different events. Remember that this means we need to turn the clock back in time. If it is minutes, we need to put the minute hand back the amount of minutes the questions says. Remember if you go past the 12 to change the hour hand 1 hour too!


Today we are going to be solving the problem for the Purple and Beige crayons. We need to carefully read their letters and work out what their problems are so that we can help Duncan to fix it.



1. What is beige crayon tired of being called?

2. What does beige crayon say brown crayon get too colour?

3. What does beige crayon get left to colour?

4. Why does beige crayon think colouring wheat is a rubbish job?

5. What does purple crayon love?

6. What makes purple crayon crazy?

7. What will happen if Duncan keeps colouring outside of the lines?

8. How does purple crayon describe herself?



Red crayon has really taken himself for a holiday as he is fed up! He has travelled across Europe to different countries having a lovely time. He is now in France. Have a look at the postcard he has sent Duncan about his holiday. Looking at the picture of where he is, we need to describe it to the other crayons who would like to know all about his trip! 


What can you see in the image? Where has red crayon been and what can he see? What might the weather be like? What has he been eating in France?


Our objective today is to use noun phrases either side of the noun. For example, red crayon has been to visit the colossal, metal Eiffel Tower which has a lift that can take you to the very top!


Red crayon is in France but has visited many different countries in Europe. Look at the map below. Can you find where Europe is? Use the continent song to help you!


Re crayon has been been visiting different landmarks in these countries. Can you research where these landmarks are and where Red crayon has been?


Eiffel tower, Big Ben, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Brandenburg Gate, Acropolis, La Segrada Familia