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Hello everyone, this week we are sharing the fabulous book called 'Mad about dinosaurs' it is great for lots of reasons, the amazing, colourful illustrations, the great rhyming text and the simple fact that it talks about many of the different dinosaurs that we all love.  
Watch the video and listen to Mrs Kitching reading the book to you. 

Mad about dinosaurs

Mad about dinosaurs read by Mrs Kitching

Hunting for shapes

Shapes are everywhere, do you know the names of any shapes?

One shape you might see is one that is round,  it doesn't have any pointy corners, it just goes round and round, like a ball.  Do you know what this shape is called?    

That's right these are circle shapes.
Another shape that you see lots of are these, this shape is called a rectangle.  
Now we are going to look at a shape with 3 sides and 3 pointy corners, can you say the word, triangle?    Look at the different things that are triangle shaped. 
We will look at one more shape today,  this is called a square, do you remember seeing this shape somewhere before?   My light switches in my house are shaped like squares.  
Today we are asking you to look out for shapes!  It would be great if you could wrap up warm and go out for a walk around your local area.   Can you find shapes that are similar?  Shapes that are different?   Can you see shapes with curved sides or straight sides?  Can you name any shapes you see?  If you cannot go outside, don't worry, have a look around your house, you'll find lots inside as well. 
Did you see any of the same shapes as me when you were out and about?  Talk about what you saw with a grown up .  I found lots of round shapes, tell a grown up something you found that was shaped like a circle.  
Drawing triangle shaped spikes
Have a go at drawing patterns on a dinosaur.  The spikes on the Ankylosaurus are shaped like triangles, could your adult draw you a dinosaur shape and you have a go at drawing the triangle spikes all over him?  
I bet you do a great job!