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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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At Westwood Primary School we want all pupils to begin their journey to read with confidence, develop a love of reading and apply their skills competently to writing. To ensure this is possible we teach children phonics using the Read, Write Inc scheme which provides children with consistent and structured phonics lessons across the phase and supports them through a smooth transition as children progress and gain skills, involving parents and giving teachers the flexibility but security to plan to the needs of their cohort.

Set 1 sounds

Each day the children will be taught a new sound. The first sounds they will learn are pictured above. When the children know at least the first 5 letter sounds we will begin to sound out 2 or 3 letters to make a word. 


M-a-t  = mat

Dad = dad

Red Ditty Sheets - only to be read when children know all of the Set 1 sounds and can use them to blend and read words!

Reading at home! 

Children in Reception will be expected to read at some level at home, depending on each individual childs reading ability and level of fluency.

- green words

- sound blend book

-book bag books