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Activities during closure- week begininng 04/05/20


This week I thought it would be great if we had another theme. 

For today's activity, I want you to think about your dream holiday! Complete these tasks:


1. Can you draw a flag of the country where you would visit? 


2. Who are you taking with you and why?


3. What activities are you going to do when you get there?


Record all of this work so that you can show everyone in Elder class when we are back!


Now you've thought about your dream holiday, I want you do a little bit of research. Using the internet or you could ask someone who might know, find out what the capital city is in the country you're going to visit! Now complete these tasks:


1. Find out if the city is famous for anything?


2. Draw a picture of the city, make it as colourful as you can!


3. What activities are you going to do whilst you are there?


If you don't have access to the internet or your struggling to find some information, use your imagination and make it up! It can be as different and exciting as you want it to be.


Now you've been on your dream holiday and visited the capital it's time to create your own country! I cant wait to find out about them. Complete these tasks:


1. Design and create a flag for your country, make it as colourful and different as you can.


2. Create a name for your country and a name of the capital city.


3. What makes your country so great? Why would people want to visit?


Make sure you record all your work!


Lets get active today! Try and complete this challenge below, don't worry about doing all the exercises if you find them tricky. Focus on completing the throwing task with the toilet rolls. If you can, play against someone else and see if you can beat them, good luck!

PE Home Learning - Toilet roll target

Toilet Roll Target is a PE Home Learning Activity designed for Kindergarten and Elementary / Primary School Children. It's focused on developing technique fo...


Its time to go on your travels! Write down the names of five countries on five different pieces of paper. Ask someone in your house to place them in different rooms. Then go explore! Each time you visit a country, close your eyes for 2 minutes and imagine what you would do there (e.g. In Australia you might go surfing) . Afterwards, find and travel to the next country! What are you going to do there? 


You might want to make notes on all of the things you did in the different countries as you go round. Then your final task is to write a paragraph telling someone all about where you went and what you did, be as creative and imaginative as you can!


If you can't think of five countries use the ones below: 


1. America

2. Australia

3. Spain

4. France

5. China