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Adventure 3: Rockin' All Over The World

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It was time to kick start our new adventure and we started it with a bang (quite literally!).

As we entered the playground, we found that a hot air balloon had crashed so we went to investigate further. Hidden inside the basket we found a letter that informed us that the hot air balloon belonged to somebody called Barnaby Miles and he was out searching for someone to help fix his balloon. 

We found belongings from the balloon scattered across the playground, giving us clues about who Barnaby might be. 

After finding out that these belongings from the Hot Air Balloon belonged to famous explorer - Barnaby Miles - we wrote a character description all about him. 

In order to help Barnaby fix his balloon, we needed to look at the Science behind how they work. 

We investigated them, by creating mini replica balloons, and using tea light candles as a heat source to make them rise.

In our investigation, we changed the size of the envelope (the balloon part), to see whether this would affect how successful it rose. 

Before we could embark on a journey with Barnaby, we needed to write a persuasive letter to Miss Dibnah, asking for permission to leave school and travel across the world!

Barnaby also thought it would be a good idea to make sure our map skills were up to scratch if we were to be going on such a mammoth expedition. 

We began by recapping where different continents are, seeing if we could place them correctly on a blank world map. 

We then looked at some key cities and countries, some of which Barnaby had previously travelled to. 

We used maps and Atlases to see if we could locate them. 

We then looked at how the world is split up, focusing on where the equator is located and where different countries are in relation to it. 

We used our knowledge of longitude and latitude to find the coordinates for a range of different countries. 


Before we could embark on our journey with Barnaby, we needed to ask Miss Dibnah's permission. When we asked her, she said no! We had to write persuasive letters to tell her why we deserved to go. 


Our letters worked and she agreed to let us go!

Our first stop was Russia. We began by completing a fact file with key facts on it. 


We also looked at the physical Geography of Russia, looking at the different biomes and habitats. 


Whilst in Russia, we noticed the interesting art and architecture. Within our art lessons, we created a sketch of a famous Russian temple, taking care to add lots of detail and pattern. 

Whilst in Russia, we decided to create our own sculptures of Minin and Pozharsky. We used wire to first of all sculpt the shape we would need, and then used clay to mould over this; overall giving it a strong structure. 

It was then time to travel to our next destination.....The Himalayas!

We began by looking at where the Himalayas are, some of its largest mountains, native people and plants and animals. 

We created our own fact file poster to showcase the information we had found out. 


Whilst in Asia, we looked at the Sikh religion, comparing this to other religions; in particular Christianity.


We began by looking at some key statements about the religion and what they believe. We linked this back to our prior knowledge of Christianity and sorted through these statements to decide whether the beliefs were similar to those of Christianity, or different.


On our journey to the Himalayas via India, we couldn’t believe the views and decided to write a setting description to record all that we could see. 

Although the mountains were beautiful, it was time to move on to the next part of our adventure in which we flew to Japan!



Before arriving, we wanted to find out some things about Japan including where in the world it was, any famous landmarks we may see on our adventure and any other interesting facts and created a fact file about it.


After a long journey to the other side of Asia, we finally arrived in Tokyo, Japan!
It was night time when we arrived and we were dazzled by the bright lights of the busy city. We wanted to know how it was possible to power such a big city with all these lights and so during our science lessons we looked at the topic Electricity and how circuits work in creating it. 


Whilst researching Japan, we found out that sushi is a popular Japanese delicacy so we decided to make and try our own sushi! Some of us were unsure about the taste…

We even learnt how to count to 10 in Japanese! Look at us go!


Parental Involvement

To end our adventure, we filmed our very own documentary of our adventure around the world. Watch it here!

Rockin all over the world!