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Autumn 1

Week 3


In class, we have been looking at sorting objects. We have investigated a range of ways to sort them. We have sorted them by size, colour and pattern.



Week 4


This week we have been investigating patterns further. We have looked at the difference what is a pattern and what is a picture.



Week 5


This week week have been looking at repeating patterns and beginning to have a go at correctly continuing a repeating pattern. Someone us wanted a challenge and had a go at making up our own repeating patterns.

Week 6


This week we have been exploring weight and capacity.


We have loved collecting objects from around the classroom and then bringing them to the scales to see which object is heavier and which object is lighter out of the two. We were excited when we found two objects that weighed the same so that the scales balanced. 


In the water areas, inside and out we have been creating potions for the wizard and thinking of what their powers could be.