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Friday 22nd January


Today we are going to be looking at turning shapes. We need to know what a quarter turn is, a half turn and a full turn. 


Look at a clock to help you. Clockwise is the way that the numbers go and the hands move. Anti-clockwise is the opposite way.


Have a go at turning the shapes on the worksheets.


Look at the predictions below. Do you think that they are good predictions of what might happen next? why or why not?


Today we are going to be editing a description of a crocodile (like the one Sammy met on his adventure). 


The description is not very good as the adjectives are all the same or do not describe a crocodile. Can you change them and add in noun phrases to make it a better description?


Rock pools and lagoons are home to many different animals. Watch the clip below to find out more.

Rock Pool Creatures

Can you create your own rock pool filled with creatures and what they have in their habitat? Have a look at the examples below.