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KS1: Princess Protection Programme

In Key Stage One, news came in that a fierce dragon was on the loose. He was looking for a beautiful princess to steal and had been sighted flying over Leeds Castle! Their job as leaders of the Princess Protection Programme was to defeat the dragon and send the princess somewhere safe!

Their first job was to report on the terrible attacks to the castle. They received CCTV footage from the castle showing the dragon's movements. They quickly gathered all of the information and wrote up newspaper reports to tell the City of Leeds what was happening.

Their first job as leaders of The Princess Protection Programme was to find somewhere they could send the princess to hide whilst they defeat the dragon. They researched to find a place that she would not be found. On the biggest continent they decided India was the best place to hide her, in Delhi.

The princess was on route to Delhi! They thought it would be nice to keep her calm by showing her what India looked like from the sky so that she could look out for it. They looked at the physical features of India. Afterwards, they wrote reports to send to the Princess all about the country she was travelling to.

As they were preparing for the Holi Festival they learnt about the different foods that would be available and what happened at the festival. After having their own festival, they wrote a description of what they would have experienced.

The princess told them all about the country she had landed in and how she wants to explore and find out about where she is. They decided to send her on a scavenger hunt to different places in India and gave her items to find! They then pretended to be the princess and went on their own scavenger hunt.

To continue the search for the dragon, the children went on a trip to Kirkstall Abbey as this is where he had been sighted. They explored the abbey and the grounds looking for the dragon. When they got back to school, they wrote a recount of their visit.

At the end of the adventure, the children wrote recounts of what the dragon had done during the adventure.