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To help with our visualisation skills from the 'big 10' the children were told to close their eyes while a description was read out to them. This was a description of a certain place within our classroom and once the children knew where it was they had to move to that place.
We wanted to put actions to the poem we were reading so that we could then perform it to the class. 
We looked at the text 'The Minpins' and carried out a conscience alley about whether Little Billy should go through the garden gate or not. We used the text to influence our answers.
Today, the children had to visualise a section of the poem as I read it. There were photos around the room that represented a part of the text and the children carried out a Burn2Learn activity where they moved to the correct picture.
We looked at the inference and literal features of the book. Inference is where we look for clues whereas literal is what we definitely know.
We did a preview lesson on the book 'Stone Age Boy' and thought about what the book might be about by looking at the front cover and blurb.