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Celebration Assembly

Like we would normally have in school, each Friday we will have a celebration assembly where we will celebrate all of the incredible work you have produced this week. 

Week 2 - 


Star of the week - Rose for putting her hand up all week and having a fantastic attitude. 

Good work - Olly for trying so hard with his numbers up to 7 and for doing extra work. 

British Value Card - Ebonie (Tolerance card) for trying hard to get her B and D the correct way round. 

Phonics Star - Elsa for creating her own phonics game at home. 


Week 3 - 

Star of the week - Lucii for being a superstar with all of her work.

Good work - Penny, for her incredible rock pool.

British Value Card - Lorna (Individual liberty) for always making myself and Mrs Thornton laugh on the live lessons and for constantly putting her hand up.

Phonics Star - Alex for trying really hard his phonics rhyming words.


Week 4 - 

Star of the week - Jake for improving his handwriting and producing the most amazing writing piece of the maze. 

Good work - Georgia for her amazing work with her phonics and for matching her sounds up.

British Value Card - Kyleson, the tolerance card. Kyleson has kept on trying with his work and I can not believe the standard that he is writing at now.

Phonics Star - Blake for always giving new sounds a try and for blending so beautifully.


Week 5 - 

Star of the week - Dylan for being so smiley all the time and trying his best with all of his work. 

Good Work - Wyatt for his amazing letter to Specsavers. 

British Value Card - Rosie was awarded the Individual Liberty card for always having such a fantastic attitude towards her lessons.

Phonics Star - Brooklyn is my phonics star for trying so hard with his spellings in his phonics lessons. 


Week 6 - 

Star of the week - All of blossom class! I have been so proud of the progress they have made this half term and how quickly they have adjusted to being online.

Good Work - Oscar completed an amazing piece of writing yesterday about giving the treasure back to the king and queen. 

British Value Card - Hilary was awarded the rule of law card for trying so hard with her lessons. 

Phonics Star - Mia for giving it 100% in every lesson, well done!

Star of the half term - Lucii Batley Hewitt. For giving it 100% every day and for always coming on the live steam with a smile on her face. I am so proud of the progress she has made this half term. Well done!


Art Gallery - Blake and Jake for their amazing Kandinsky work.