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Reading Policy

Reading Policy 2020-2021

Reading Lessons at Westwood


Who takes part in Reading lessons?

For most children, Reading lessons will begin in Year 2 for children who have unlocked the phonic code. These lessons run through from Year 2 to Year 6, where the children will experience a variety of texts that will both engage and challenge them in their learning.  


Who takes part in Read Write Inc. lessons?

Children will begin their phonic journey in Nursery and continue through to Year 2. Some children, who have not yet unlocked the phonic code, will continue RWI lessons in Lower Key Stage 2.



When do the lessons take place?

Both RWI and Reading lessons will take place 4 times per week and will last for 45 minutes from Reception to Year 5. Year 6 will also do 4 lessons which will last approximately 1 hour. 


How are Reading lessons structured?

As Reading is such a broad subject and creates so many learning opportunities, we do not have a set structure for how every lesson should run. However, every lesson will focus on a particular reading skill and will be differentiated to suit the needs of all children. For any children in Year 2 to 6 who need extra support during lessons, we have ALK and RWI groups taking place every lesson, where each child will work in a group relevant to their level of Reading. Children who remain in their classes will take part in a variety of activities which include:

  • Whole class reading
  • Active Learning
  • Comprehension Tasks
  • Non-comprehension tasks which relate to a particular reading skill

When doing independent activities, teachers and teaching assistants will always base themselves with a group if children, so all children will have the opportunity to work closely with a member of staff on a regular basis. 



How are Read Write Inc. lessons structured?

Every RWI lesson follows the same structure:

  • Introduce a new sound
  • Recap previously taught sounds
  • Read words containing the new sound
  • Recap words containing previously taught sounds
  • Spelling words using new and previously taught sounds
  • Reading red words
  • Read story green words and speedy green words
  • Read story



What Reading texts will be taught in lessons? 

All children will experience a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts in their both their RWI and Reading lessons. We have reading lists in school which consist of recommended books for each year group. Teachers will use these texts in their lessons and might choose to use them for around a week or for a longer period of time. Teachers might also choose to use texts that link to their current class topic, however, they will still make sure this is relevant for the year group they are teaching. 


What Reading skills will be taught in lessons? 

All Reading lessons will be taught with one or more skills in mind. Like any objective, all children in the lesson should be aware of the skills they are learning in any lesson and should demonstrate their understanding through both their reading and independent work. The skills that will be taught from Year 2 to 6 are the following:

  • Inference
  • Retrieval
  • Connect
  • Prediction 
  • Visualisation
  • Summarising 
  • Vocabulary 

These could be taught as individual skills or a variety of skills might be covered at once. Other skills such as previewing a text, looking at the goals of a text and evaluating texts will also be taught in each year group.


Where work is recorded

Children have their own workbooks for Reading and it is an expectation that work is recorded in their books every lesson. Children should always have the date and title written in their books followed by the piece of work they are doing. It should be clear by looking at the titles/objectives as well as their work what reading skills they are gaining from the lessons.


Bug Club

Additionally, children are allocated 2 books online on Bug Club that are closely matched to their reading stage. This gives children the opportunity to further their learning from class in a wide variety of books. If a bubble or the school were to close due to COVID19 children will have access to a range or reading material specifically matched to their reading level.