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Friday 22nd Jan


We are continuing with dividing using bus shelter method. Today during the live lesson, we are going to be thinking about dividing using real-life scenarios. Hopefully, this will help you understand a bit more and give you chance to have more practice of the bus shelter method. Look through the presentation and my video examples to help you with your guided practice and workbook. Don't forget about your journaling question.


Guided reading:

Today we will be focusing on the big 10 skill 'summarising'. During the live lesson we will discuss what summarising means and practice summarising a text. For your independent activity, I would like you to summarise what has happened in the Iron Man so far. I have attached the chapters underneath to help remind you. You are going to do this in a storyboard format so that you can put in your own words what has happened. I would like you to do the writing first and then go back and add your pictures in. I have attached a storyboard template to help you but don't worry if you can't print this off.


We will now be finishing off our biography with the conclusion. Remember, the conclusion talks about what the person is doing now. You have already written the life events in chronological order so now the final thing to talk about is the present. Our objective is to include a question to make the reader think about all the things they have learnt about Charles Darwin throughout your biography. Remember to send me your final piece!


For this lesson, you will have to think about the big 'what if?' question and use your knowledge from the week to write an explanation. Your question is: What if you only ate chips? There are some guide questions underneath to guide your answers. Talk about the disadvantages of only eating carbohydrates and what you would be missing out on if you didn't eat any other food groups.

Celebration assembly!

Star of the week- Miss Robertshaw will choose the person who has been trying extra hard all week and has stood out for their outstanding work and attitude in all areas.

The Bug Club Award- this goes to the person who has been reading on bug club and is clearly trying their best with the questions.

Good work- 4 people have the opportunity to get good work as their will be someone chosen for each subject.