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Adventure Four - The Princess Protection Programme

It is time for a new adventure! This time, we have been called by the King and Queen to help them out. Their daughter, the princess, is being targeted by a scary dragon! We become the princess protection programme and send the princess to India whilst we stay in Leeds and try to battle the dragon! Can we defeat the dragon and bring the princess home where she belongs?
Our class song!

FROZEN | "In Summer" Song - Olaf | Official Disney UK

Tis the season to battle it out for the nation's favourite Christmas single, and perhaps the leading contender is one of the industry's newest performers, br...

We had so much fun dressing up like princess Jasmine! We then wrote a description about what the princess looked like and the castle where she lived. We had to think of lots of adjectives to use in our description.

We looked at pictures of the castle and the princess and wrote adjectives on post it notes on them.

Oh no! A scary dragon has attacked the beautiful Princess Jasmine in her castle! We acted out the dragon scaring the princess and then wrote a newspaper report on what happened. We even got to interview the princess and see what she thought about it - we were all very scared.

We then looked at the features of a newspaper and thought about what we would write in our report.

We interviewed the princess for our newspaper report. 

In our editing lesson we looked at words with the -ing ending. We had to write down the -ing word on our whiteboard.

We looked at the life of Queen Victoria and acted out important moments in her life. We acted out when Victoria was crowned Queen, when she had to sit still for all of her paintings and when her husband Prince Albert died. 

The dragon has been causing trouble all over Leeds! He even visited our school at the weekend. We went to all of the places that the dragon visited in Leeds and wrote a recount of the mess that he caused in each place. 

Dragon in School

Still image for this video

We looked at Queen Elizabeth 1st and her reign. We then thought about what questions we could ask her when we got the chance to interview her. We found out lots of interesting facts and wrote them all down.

In our art lesson we created a collage of the sky using different pieces of blue paper. We then stuck the Leeds skyline on to it. They turned out great!

In music we looked at beat and rhythm. We found out that rhythm can change but the beat stays the same throughout the song. We then listened to different songs and stomped, clapped and danced to the beat. 

In Geography we looked at the human and physical features of Leeds. We then had a go at making them. They turned out amazing. 

We travelled to Inida this week to meet the princess and see how she was doing. She introduced us to curry and the wonderful cuisine that the locals shared with her. We had naan bread, poppodums, rice and mango chutney.

In science we have been looking at seasonal change. We have collected lots of evidence that tell us about the weather in Leeds. We put this all together and made our own weather forecast.

We thought about how the temperature changes throughout the day. We wanted to measure the difference so we decided on a place to put the thermometer in the morning, recorded the degrees and then did the same in the afternoon. It was a cold and rainy day and so the temperature dropped by 9 degrees throughout the day!

We have been looking at the Holi festival all week and why it is celebrated. We made our own posters on it and then re created the festival its self. We were covered in paint but had the best fun!