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Spring 2: 'LEGO' Solve a Mystery!

At the start of our adventure we take the children up onto the field where we discover LEGO scattered in a heap.   We realise that a LEGO building which was standing there over the holidays has fallen down as the golden brick has been removed and is nowhere in sight – it has been stolen!  We must find the missing golden piece! On the field there will be several clues, can we work out who is the thief?


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On the school field we found a crime scene! We all became detectives, noting down the different evidence we found.

We then wrote Newspaper reports to let local residents know about the theft of the golden brick!

We found our first suspect - a Leeds United football player. 

There had been lots of football related items left on the field such as: a Leeds United scarf, red and yellow card and a Leeds United shirt. 

Could it be him who stole the brick?

We looked at the history of football, comparing it to the football we know nowadays.

We also looked at how football kits have changed over time.

We also decided that we would create our own new football strip!

After finding clues linked to football, we decided to test our own football skills! We completed a range of football activities in the school hall, showing off our skills!

We decided to set up our own football team, writing adverts to recruit players. We talked about the skills and attributes we wanted our players to have of they wanted to join our team.

We then looked at Suspect 2 - Batman. 

He left his cape, mask and a joker card at the scene of the crime....was it him who stole the missing golden brick?


We decide to create our own superhero. We drew pictures and wrote a character description of what our superhero would be like.

We then created our own Superhero capes by sewing a pillowcase and stitching on our designed logo.

We then looked at Suspect 3 - Brigg from 'The Flower' story. 

We found a picture of the front cover of the story, some plant pots and a gardening shovel.


Maybe it was Brigg who stole the golden brick?

We decided to investigate plants and flowers. We started off by drawing and labeling a flowering plant, explaining what each part is for.

We also looked at the lifecycle of a flowering plant, creating our own storyboards to show the process.

After finding clues leading to the character 'Brigg' from 'The Flower', we decided to plant our own seeds. We decided to plant our seeds in different conditions to test what conditions a plant will grow most successfully.

We checked our planted seeds each day, drawing pictures to show what was happening.

After learning so much information about plants, we wrote our own non-chronological report about everything we had found out.

We had a fantastic time at the science fair, completing all of the different experiments. Thank you to all of the parents and family who came :)

We even imagined that we were a seed that had been planted in the ground! We wrote a diary of what was happening to us as we grew....

We then found a letter from the culprit.....

It was Ole Kirk Christiansen - the inventor of LEGO!

He told us that he had stolen the golden brick in order to see if we were good detectives and could be trusted with an important task he had for us. He explained that he needed help to create a new LEGO set so asked us if we could design him one. 

Here are some of our LEGO designs...

We then wrote letters to Ole Kirk Christianansen, telling him why our LEGO design would be better than anyone elses!

Somebody then stole our LEGO land tickets that were a reward from Ole Kirk for helping him. We received a note and a set of directions that we had to follow to find our tickets. We needed to know our 8 point compass directions in order to find the tickets!

Luckily we found our tickets so could go on our school trip to LEGO land! Phew!!!!