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Friday 5th February

Friday 5th February 2021


Guided Reading - live on Teams at 10.30am

Today, we're going to think about the end of The Wishgranter and use our prediction skills. At the end, the man and woman's wishes come true and they are united together in love. But, then the film cuts off. I want you to think about what might happen next and create that as a storyboard. I'd really like to submit our storyboards to the director to give him some ideas for a second film where we see what these two now get up to in their life! Think very carefully about 6 key things they might do now they are together (think about maybe buying a house, having a wedding, having a child, would they maybe run the flower shop together?). Think really carefully and draw me a storyboard of their lives.

RSHE/PE - anytime

This week, we've been thinking about mental health and how to make ourselves feel better, all part of Mental Health Awareness week. One was we can make ourselves feel better is by getting active and having a bit of fun at the same time. Follow the link below to a YouTube page called 'Cosmic Yoga Kids'. I'd like you to choose 2/3 yoga routines you'd like to have a go at. Follow along and get someone at home to film you/take a picture and send it in! 

The Negative Hat

Please also watch this video of Miss Shaw reading a lovely story about Mental Health Awareness - we will discuss this story in our celebration assembly this afternoon.

R.E - anytime

Watch Mr Hayes' video below which explains what we'd like you to do today. If you follow the Youtube link, there is also a video of Mr Hayes hosting his own fake wedding! If you have a go at this (which we'd love you to do!), please send us any videos! 

Video explanation for lesson 2..mp4

Still image for this video

Handwriting - anytime

Follow the link below to today's handwriting and spelling activities.

Writing - live on Teams at 1pm

Today, we're going to write the next part of 'The Wishgranter' which is the solution to your problem. The problem is going to get solved in this part and if you remember there are a few things 'The Wishgranter' tries before he gets to the final solution.

1. Dandelion ball

2. Wish bone

3. Shooting star machine

And then the actual solution is where he finds another coin and throws it into the well to unblock it. That's the bit we need to get up to today, ready to write the ending and wrap this all up on Monday.


There's not going to be a new SPAG activity today, I just want you to continue trying to use a range of fronted adverbials and a range of powerful adjectives to describe how they are feeling. See below for the slides we discussed in the lesson.

As quick as he could, The Wishgranter leapt into action. He threw a shiny, silver ball into Jennifer’s flower bed and out popped 3 fluffy ball shapes. Jennifer noticed the dandelions in her flowers and tossed them in the bin.


His first plan was unsuccessful so The Wishgranter had another idea. He dug deep into his toolkit and pulled out a wishbone. He flung it towards Jennifer’s shop and suddenly the wishbone cut the heads off Jennifer’s flowers. Jennifer looked around feeling confused, scared and annoyed.


The Wishgranter was getting desperate now and this was his final hope. He looked in his toolbox and found a shooting star gun. Suddenly, he rocketed into the air and was zooming across the sky. Both Jennifer and Bob didn’t notice the star and The Wishgranter went crashing into a dirty old bin.

Maths - live on Teams at 9.15am

We've got to the final day with our column method of subtraction. This half term in maths, we have learnt:

- Column addition with no renaming

- Column addition with renaming

- Column subtraction with no renaming

Column subtraction with renaming


Today, we're going to have one final practice of that last method. In the live lesson, we'll go through lots once more and then you need to have a go at the workbook activities below.

You've all done amazing with the different methods - I know it's been tricky and there has been a lot but I'm very impressed and happy that we've mastered these now which will help massively with all of the other maths you'll do this year! Next week we're moving on to word problems using addition and subtraction!