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Wednesday 30th


Following on from our 9.30 session, you will need to:

- Use the slides to complete lesson 2's arithmetic problems.

- Today we will be continuing with some more problem solving puzzles...this time we need to find our way out of a maze! See how many paths you can take, but make sure the numbers you pass along the way, all add up to 100! Use the sheet below :)


After reading the first chapter of Floodland, you will need to think about the main character - Zoe. Use the sheet below to help you complete a character study of her. Use the text to find evidence to support your thoughts.


There is also a link to the author reading this chapter to you :)


Floodland: Before, Chapter One, read by the author, Marcus Sedgwick

Marcus Sedgwick reads his novel Floodland.---During the current situation, I will be recording Floodland, chapter by chapter, and making the videos available...


Today we are going to write the first paragraph to our setting description of Hogwarts. Yesterday, you should have gathered your ideas and brainstormed some vocabulary you wanted to include. Remember to refer back to these ideas!

Your SPAG focus is to use prepositions. Before you begin, use the SPAG sheet to write down an example prepositional phrase that you could include in your writing. Use the example on the slides to help you.


Now begin to write your first paragraph. This should include you travelling across the lake and your first glimpse of Hogwarts. Describe what it was like, focusing on the physical description of the outside of the castle. Remember to include all of your senses!