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Suspect 4 Benjamin Franklin

To start of our investigation we looked at suspect 4 Benjamin Franklin! He told us all about his life so we could see whether we thought he was the one who had stolen the golden flower.


Benjamin told us how he was a famous inventor who created the swimming flipper, the Franklin stove for cooking and heating the home, paving, street cleaning and lights to Philadelphia and that he also introduced the first ever battery! Benjamin Franklin also invented bifocal glasses which some children wear today! He proved that lightening was electricity and was the first scientist to write about a charge being collected which became a fundamental law of physics. He told the children all about the day when he put his theory about lightening to the test on top of a hill with his kite. 


The children completed a BURN2LEARN with different clues to work out the story of Benjamin Franklins test about lightening charge.

They also looked at different household objects to determine whether they used a power supply (plug) or a battery.



For our science lesson the children used battery packs, wires and lightbulbs to test circuits. After a few experiments the children understood what a complete circuit was and an incomplete circuit.





Once we'd proven that we could be trusted with the investigations, Benjamin wanted us to test what materials were insulators and conductors. We tested materials such as paper clips, cotton wool and even pipe cleaners. We had lots of fun!

Benjamin Franklin was very impressed with our circuits and asked us to create an alarm circuit to help prevent any further robberies.


The children then wrote journals about the investigations to keep a record of what they did.