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River Rescue

We kicked off our new Adventure and have learnt all about Sir David Attenborough. We had to create a timeline of his life to find out about some of the inspiring things he has done for our planet.

As we looked more at the topic of rivers, we learnt about the journey rivers make from start to finish. We got very creative and had a go at making this outside using natural objects. 
We also looked at how rivers are used for industry, leisure and other reasons. We worked in groups to come up with positive and negative effects for how people use rivers and the impact this has on our world. 
A very exciting topic we looked at was Water Wheels and how they help the environment. Amazingly, we had a go at making one and tested if they worked. 
Next, we wrote a set of instructions for how to make a Water Wheel. We really showed off our knowledge of fronted adverbials to help structure these.