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Adventure 4 - What Happens in Wonderland

It is a bright sunny day, when suddenly we find a garden of mushrooms hiding in the grass. We decide to investigate and try them....much to our shock we all shrink! How can we make it back to our normal size again? 
Read our wonderland story...

Walking On Sunshine /w Lyrics - Katrina & The Waves

Our class song.

We had lots of fun finding out about Shrove Tuesday. We learnt about why we eat pancakes on this day and what it means to Christians. We then got to eat our own pancakes - they were delicious! 
Our friend Doris the door mouse wanted to help us plant our flower, however she told us that the weather is too cold so that it won't grow! We had to investigate the different seasons and think about the weather that goes with them. We sang a seasons song to help us remember.


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When we ate the mushroom, we thought about the things that we can and cannot put in our bodies and what it means to be safe. We then played a sorting game.
Our duck eggs have finally started to hatch! So far we have three, we love giving them cuddles and bathing them!
We had so much fun during World Book Day. Look at our amazing outfits! 
In our editing lesson we were looking at extending our sentences and making them better than simple ones. We were given a person and we had to make a super sentence out of it. 
We have been working really hard on our phonics skills. We have phonics lessons 4 times a week and love finding out what our new book is going to be about! 
In Science we we're looking at flower parts and their functions. We were given flowers to dissect and look at. We had lots of fun understanding what the different parts do and why they are important. 
It was time for our yearly science fair! We discovered so much from the different experiments. 
We are becoming experts at spotting special friends in our work now! We are given a highlighter and we have to see who can spot the most special friends in a piece of text.
For Sport Relief this year Westwood children came to school in their work out clothes. We had a 10 minute Just Dance work out session and had lots of fun getting up and being active!


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In Science we learnt about evergreen and deciduous trees. We went on a hunt around school grounds to see if we could spot either of them growing!