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Up, Up and Away, Autumn 1 Adventure

We met Parker the Plane and he told us that he was scared to fly.  With the help of Jeffery the Jet we are going to help Parker face his fears and set off on his first flight.  To do this Jeffery introduces Parker and us to new friends who will be able to help.
To introduce ourselves to Parker, we made hot air balloons with pictures of our favourite things on them.

Boris the Boat

One of Parker's fears is flying over water, as he might sink. Boris the boat says that he can help by teaching Parker how to float. We looked at different materials, predicted if they would float and then found out if we were right or wrong.

We then used this knowledge to decide which material to use to make our own boats.  Finally, we tested them on water to see it they floated.  They did, few!


Troy the Train

Parker was also scared of going fast.  So we met Troy the Train, who loves to go fast.  He taught parker about how much fun could be had by going fast by taking us on a magical train ride.


Then in science, we conducted experiments to see how different materials travel faster and slower. 

We joined Troy the Train with Parker on a 'Magic train ride.'  We ordered the main parts of the story.  We also really enjoyed singing along!

Magic Train Ride

Climb aboard the magic train for an unforgettable journey. At each stop, the train comes across new and wonderful things to look at and talk about, in forests and jungles, and all the way to outer space. Want to learn more about our colourful collection of books and gifts?

We created our own colourful trains to give to Troy to say thank you for his help.

Mabel the Motor Bike


Parker was also worried about balancing and turning whilst flying.  So we met Mable the Motor Bike.

She helped Parker to understand how to balance and turn.

We made our own obstacle courses to help us and Parker to practise.  We also had lots of fun practising our balancing and turning skills on the obstacle course.

We had such fun with Mable, here are some description of what she looked like, incase you ever bump in to her!

To help keep Parkers energy up for his first flight, we baked him cookies.

Cassie the Car

Parker is now worried about the passengers on board and wants to keep them safe.  Cassie the Car is happy to share her knowledge with Parker.  She tells him all about seatbelts and gives him lots of safety tips.

Cassie is such a fantastic car that we write a description of her so that we never forget her.

To say thank you to Cassie for her help, we made our own cars and raced them to check that they worked. 

Bruce the Bus

Parker is starting to feel much more confident about his first flight thanks to all our help but he is now worries about getting lost!  Jeffery introduces us all to Bruce the Bus.  Bruce is an expert at navigating along roads and finding his way.  Bruce shows Parker (and us) how use a map to find your way. 



The road was blocked by a tree, we wrote down what we saw so we could get some help from Jeffery.

We drew our own maps to help Parker find his way.

Hallie the Helicopter

Parker is feeling confident to fly now but he would like to just have a try of going up in the air with someone holding his hand, (or wing as he is a plane!).  Jeffery has a super idea, he asks Hallie the Helicopter to lift Parker in to the air and then lower him back down, so he knows what it feels like. 

Hallie is more than happy to help but is worries that it might be too windy.

We make wind socks so that Hallie can see which direction and how fast the wind is blowing.

Hallie says they are great and takes Parker up into the air.

Parker enjoys going up with Hallie as he gets to see lots of things. We wrote some descriptions of what he could see.

Parker was now ready for his first flight.  We had a special day when we joined Parker on his first flight. 


We enjoyed eating the pizza we made whilst flying on Parker

Parker had fun on his first flight and wrote to Jeffery telling him all about it.