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Friday 29th January


Have a look at the pictures in the workbook. Can you see what 3D shapes have been used to create each model?


We are continuing to look at ordering the events in the story for 1-5. Have a read through the story again and use the text to help you put these events in the correct order.




Have a look at the passage below. It is hard to read because it is missing all of its punctuation.

  • full stop
  • exclamation mark (!)
  • question mark (?)
  • comma (,)
  • ​​​​​​​apostrophe (')


Read through the passage and add in the punctuation where it should be. 


We know that exercise is important to keep your body healthy and your mind strong. Have a go at the exercises below. What do you notice happens to your body when you do these? Does your heart beat faster? Can you feel your muscles working? Are you out of breath? Have you turned red? Do you feel warmer? Are you sweaty? Do you need a drink?


Once you've done the activities, look at the sheet and tick all of the things that happened to you. Why do you think that happened?