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Dinosaur Dilemma

We have landed on dinosaur island and we met Dan the Diplodocus. We made some brilliant collages of Dan on the island.

We also made some super salt dough models of Dan. It was a bit messy, but we had lots of fun!

We wanted to find out about the dinosaurs so we met Mary Anning. She was the first fossil hunter and she told us lots of information about the dinosaurs.

We wanted to find out about the dinosaurs that live on Dinosaur Island, so after listening to Mary Anning telling us all about them we wrote our own reports.

We met Leo the Lion. The lions are so sad we wanted to cheer them up so we looked at the art of Anthony Goldsworthy and used his work as inspitation for our Lion leaf collages.

The naughty dinosaurs in our classroom keep doing silly things each night. Last night they even did their own spellings teat (I hope they have been practising as much as the rest of Cherry Class do!)

The Lions have moved on to Dinosaur Island but are having a hard time fitting in. They have nothing to drink because the dinosaurs are messing about in the watering hole and wasting the water. We decided to investigate conserving water and found out how we can help. We made these poster to help the dinosaurs remember to save the water too.

We want to make some food for the dinosaurs, but we don't know what they eat. We found out about carnivours and herbivours so that we could make a stew our dinosaurs would love.

The lions have used all the leaves and branches to make their dens. This means there the dinosaurs have less to eat. We decided to make a special Veggie Dinosaur Stew to share with them.

After making our Dino Stew we wrote the recipe down, just incase the dinosaurs want to try and make it themselves.

We also made some poster to let the dinosaurs know the stew was ready to eat.

We designed our dens before making them, so we would know what to collect when outside.

We thought about how hard it is for lions to make a den. So after designing a lions den, we built mini versions using straws, sticks and leaves.

With Leo struggeling to sleep we are going to make him some earmuffs to block out the sound of the noisy dinosaurs. However, first we needed to find out which material will insulate the best. We made predictions and then carried out our own experiments. We found out that the cotton wool worked the best.

With Leo struggeling to sleep we made him some earmuffs to help block out the sound.

Incase any of the other lions or dinosaurs want some earmuffs too, we wrote our own instructions on how to make them.

The dinosaurs came for a visit. First we met baby Jack. We all loved giving him a pet.

Then in came Dan. He was so big, we were all a little bit worried. However his keeper told us that he never eats people and he is really very friendly. Few!

After finding out that he is a friendly dinosaur, we all gave him a pet too. Even Miss Dibnah gave him a cuddle.

We learnt all about dinosaurs and fossils as we excavated our own fossiles. We learnt how herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs skeletons differ and how we can identify them.

Dan and Leo wanted to celebrate Christmas with us. So we had a fantastic party and told them all about it.