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Welcome to Oak Spring 1 Home Learning.

Hi everyone, 

It’s happened again but, don't worry! School is now closed and all learning will be done remotely, online to ensure that you still have a routine in place and so that we can still carry out our adventure. The school will be closed for all children in order to establish who will be able to attend as key worker or vulnerable children. Until then, you should all have your logins for Microsoft teams that I sent out on a little laminated slip for online learning to take place. If you have misplaced this or have any questions please contact me by email on

Each day I will invite the children to 3 live lessons (maths- 9:00, guided reading- 10:30, writing- 13:00) where they will join a video chat with myself, Miss Kelly and the rest of the class. This will be for roughly 15 minutes each time and then I will explain to the children where to find the tasks and resources following from this. This gives the children chance to have small breaks throughout the day where you can carry out your work, eat or exercise if you like.

We've already had some practice with remote learning from when our little bubble closed last half-term and I was extremely pleased with the response, the only difference this time is that I will hopefully get to see some of your faces on my screen each day. It's a shame we didn't have the chance to properly start our adventure and get stuck in New York!


I have sent invitations to teams meetings that will be very beneficial as the children will have the opportunity to play around and see how it works with me doing my best to talk them through it (however, technology isn't always my friend).


If you have any questions at all, please let me know and I will respond to emails as soon as I can. Any instructions for remote learning can also be found on the school website.
As well as the work set in the weekly tabs and the live lessons, please remember that there are other websites that you can make use of during lockdown to help with your learning. If you need any logins for these websites, please contact the class email.