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Thursday 21st January

Maths - 


We are looking at taking away again today. This time we are looking at the crossing out method. This means you cross out the number you are taking away, and count the remaining objects. If you had 15 - 5. You would cross out 5 and count what you have left, so 10. Your answer would then be 15-5=10.

Writing - 


Today we are going to have an editing lesson. This means that we need to change a piece of work. Below, there is a text that has lots of red tricky words spelt wrong. Please could you try and correct them.


Phonics - 

Handwriting - 


Look at the video below to see what letters you need to be practising today.

Common exception word practice

Still image for this video

Science - 


We have a special task to do today, it's been set by Mrs Burke. She would like you all to sign up to the website below (for free) and have a look at their leaflets all about bird watching! Then, from the 29th - 31st January there will be different activities you can do on the site. For todays lesson, I would like you to sign up, then, go on a little walk outside and see what birds you can spot. I would love to see pictures of this. If you don't want to go on a walk, don't worry, you can just look out your window or draw a picture of different birds you have seen before. 

Reading - 


The story today is another little princess one. There is also a little task at the end that I would like you to complete. 

I Don’t Want to Wash my Hands

Still image for this video