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Spring 2

Our adventure for this half term is castles, knights and dragons! We began our adventure briefly whilst the children were still learning from home. However our first week back has been very exciting! 
We arrived in on Monday morning to find some foot prints in our classroom! The children at first thought this might have been a dinosaur! However they then suggested maybe it might’ve been a dragon! 

We then received a letter! When we opened this letter it was from a little girl explaining she had lost her dragon! This is when we thought that the footprints must definitely had been dragon ones.

With the letter she left us a book and a tuft tray of textures to explore to help us to find her dragon.




The children loved their PE lesson this week. The children had the opportunity to master getting undressed and dressed again! They did a great job! We will keep practising this every week and by the summer they will be professionals! In their PE lesson they loved using the apparatus to balance, climb and move in different ways. See below for some pictures...

Floating and sinking investigation

3D shape investigation!

In maths so far this week we have introduced 3D shapes. The children have been learning the names of the shapes and exploring what they can do with them. We have particularly enjoyed doing our "3D shape investigation", where the children made predictions to see which shapes would roll or slide. The children discovered that a cylinder can roll and slide depending on which way it was positioned on the ramp. Some children even recorded their results in a table.

Our own textured dragons

Today the adventure continued as we made our own textured dragons. We explored different materials and thought about how we could describe them. The children then decorated their own dragons with these materials. Tomorrow the children will be writing a description of their dragons.

Some examples of our dragon writing to describe our textured dragons we made earlier in the week


This half term we are starting to look at the season Spring. We will be exploring what happens in this season and all things spring! The children will also be doing some planting and observing how things change and grow over time into the summer term.

Our daffodil drawings and paintings

Mothers day

Making different patterns

Alongside learning about 3D shape we have also been looking at patterns. Particularly repeating patterns. First we read the story pattern fish and we could identify all the different patterns in the story. Then it was our turn to make and continue a variety of patterns! The first pattern everyone could do was an AB pattern, this means one that consists of 2 different colours that continues repeating. All the children could continue this pattern! Then we looked at trickier patterns, AAB patterns and ABC patterns which use 3 different colours and repeat! Most children could also continue these! We really enjoyed the challenge. 
We then  looked at patterns which involve movement and the children had chance to create their own with their friends! We had so much fun together doing these. 

Our movement patterns

More PE

During PE this week we focused on our balancing skills. We moved across the bench using our arms to help us balance. We moved with different speeds from one end to the other. We bunny hopped along the bench and some of us even had a go at 1 foot hopping. Next week we will be working on balancing in different positions and rolling across the mats.

3D shape printing

This week we have taken our knowledge of our 3D shapes further. First we explored the names of the 3D shapes again. We then looked deeper at the shapes and explore what these shapes were made of. We explored what other shapes we could see in these shapes. The children enjoyed painting the different faces of the different shapes and printing onto paper to explore the other shapes they could see.

We also explored real life objects that were the 3D shapes we were looking at. The children then enjoyed finding objects in our classroom that were these shapes too! 

Searching for 3D shapes in our environment

Today the sun came out to play! We thought what a perfect opportunity to get the children learning outside of the classroom. We all went on a walk around our school grounds in the search for signs of spring. The children loved finding the signs from their checklists. We also saw even more signs of spring too! We saw flowers, daffodils, green leaves, buds on branches, bees, birds nests, birds and we found frogs and frogs spawn in our pond too! We discussed what frogs spawn was and we predicted what it would change into! The children were particularly interested in this and so we have decided to observe the changes in the frogs spawn over the next 2 weeks


Today we have started our gardening project. We have had a great time getting started on all the jobs that need doing before we can start planting. We have been learning some of the names of spring flowers and using litter pickers to tidy up the area around the growing beds. Keep an eye on our progress as we head towards Summer.

This afternoon we used our imagination to pretend we were dragons, we put on 2 different kinds of music, made the room dark and closed our eyes to start imagining! The first piece of dragon music the children described as a happy dragon. This one made the children move fast, pretend to fly, smile and sing along too. The second piece of dragon music the children described as a scary dragon. They said this wouldn’t be a friendly dragon and some of the children covered their eyes! They all enjoyed pretending to be dragons and tuning into different music to listen for emotions. 

Red Nose Day

To celebrate Red Nose Day the children could come into school in their own clothes and with a Red Nose Day accessory if they wished. We learnt all about the charity, comic relief, and understood why we were raising money. We also designed our own red noses, decorated buns and participated in a nose and spoon race! The children found it hard to not hold onto their nose on the spoon! We had a fun day making memories together.

This mornings excitement!


This morning the children were left some very strange clues that they had to explore! First we noticed there were a pair of legs dangling from our ceiling! We had a discussion about who this might be and the children thought of all different kings of ideas for who this might be...

  • Both Greyson and Ettaka thought it could be Santa, because he wears boots!
  • Penelope thought it might be a gardener!
  • Ava and a few others thought it could even be Mr Cockcroft!

There were lots of discussions and guesses! We then noticed a large coat hung up in the bushy camouflage in our classroom. When we looked at how big the coat was we started to think if it could be our guesses! We still suspected Mr Cockcroft though.

In the pocket of the coat we discovered some beans, the children thought they might be magical beans and then Maisie suggested it could be Jack and the Beanstalk! When we discussed which character from Jack and the Beanstalk the children thought it must be the giant.

The children loved trying the coat on and trying to find even more clues in the classroom!



Gathering clues!

We then drew the items we found and had to label them. Look below for some examples of our writing...

Our writing

Our beanstalks

The children have enjoyed painting and crafting their own beanstalks in provision this week. How amazing are they?!


The children have loved checking for changes in our frogspawn over the last few weeks and today we finally discovered very tiny tadpoles! The children were so excited and we can’t wait to see these grow even bigger and hopefully change into frogs! We have explained to the children that they may need more room in order to be able to do this though and we may need to return them to the pond! 

Making 9 and 10 in different ways

Over the last 2 weeks we have been consolidating our number skills on the unit building 9 &10. The children have had chance to really embed their skills. We have especially loved showing off all the different ways we can make 9 and 10!

Ordering beanstalks

Today we have explored length in our maths work. We have discussed what length is, how we can describe different lengths and ordering different lengths. The children then independently ordered some beanstalks by length too!

The children have helped plant our own beans to grow our own beanstalks this week! We planted some for our classroom windows in bags so we can watch the seed begin growing. We also planted our own individual beans so we could take them home and continue to watch them grow and hopefully be able to grow our own beanstalks! We discussed what plants need to grow and how we can look after them too! 

The children have enjoyed the story vegetable glue this week! We have explored the meaning of the story and the importance of eating some vegetables in our diet. The children enjoyed exploring a tuft tray we had set up this week to explore different vegetables the children may not have seen before. We learnt where and how these grow and explored opening them up to see what was inside of them! The children even got to try some vegetable glue too!!

Exploring our vegetable tuft tray