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Roman Invasion

For our Spring 2 Adventure, this will all be about The Romans. From how they became successful invaders to their invention of roads, you will find everything on this page about what we have been learning.

To begin our Adventure, we were greeted by a storyteller in Northumberland. While visiting Hadrian's Wall, he informed us about all the exciting things we would be learning in relation to The Romans. 

In RE this half term, we have been looking at Christianity and some of the symbols that are representative of the religion. We even created some of our own stained-glass-windows to show off these symbols.


As part of our Roman Adventure, we had to locate Italy on a map. We used atlases to get a good understanding of where the country is in Europe compared to us and what some of its key cities are.

Here, we learnt all about Roman Roads and what they were built from. Afterwards, we had a go at making one of our own using some different products.


Here, we wrote a character description about a Roman Soldier. We started by coming up with some really effective adjectives to describe them.  You can see some of the final pieces of writing below…

We have also written a leaflet for some new Roman Baths that are opening up in Middleton. We started by matching our wizard words to some of the facilities inside these. We then wrote our leaflet with a particular emphasis on fronted adverbials and commas in a list. You can see some examples below…