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Summer 1- Wonderful Westwood Wedding

Summer 1 Adventure

The Wonderful Westwood Wedding!

This half term we will be challenged with organising our very own Wedding. We will be learning about families and relationships and talking about who is important to us. We will be visiting the church and understanding that the church is an important place to Christian families. We will also spend time respecting other religions and looking at weddings in other cultures.

Not forgetting performing our very own ‘Wonderful Westwood Wedding’ in the final week.

On Tuesday afternoon we received a letter with the book The Scarecrows Wedding. It asked us to make 2 scarecrows. We chose to make a boy and girl scarecrow just like we saw on the front cover but we didn't know who wanted us to make them?

We had lots of fun creating the scarecrows!

We stuffed them with paper and straw.


Afterwards we had a go at unscrambling a mixed up sentence and then used our super writing skills to practise our formation, trying to sit letters on the line. 

The next day we found a heart inbetween the two scarecrows. What did this mean? Why was it here?

We then discussed who we loved and why. Have a look at our fantastic writing below! 

This week we looked at some pictures and discussing why we thought they were in our talk partners. Everybody thought they were either churches or castles. Once we realised they were in fact all churches we compared similarities and differences between them. We then found out that we would be going to visit a real church this week. The children then wrote about what they thought they would see at the church! 

We then went to visit our local church. We were excited to find some of the key features that we had been learning about at school this week.

We even had a practice wedding to understand what would happen at our very own Westwood Wedding.

We were so well behaved that the vicar even invited us to have the wedding at the church! So we now have secured our wedding venue, what do we need to prepare next…

After visiting the church the children were very interested in stained glass windows. We decided to make our own! They look fantastic on our classroom windows.

This week we are looking at weddings from other cultures. We are looking in detail at a Pakistani wedding. The children have enjoyed listening to the story "Nadia's Hands," this week. We produced some fantastic writing about this too...

This week we have looked at a Muslim place of worship. We then compared this to a Christian place of worship from last week.  We learnt that Christians get married in a church last week and that Muslims get married in a Mosque. The children produced some fantastic work from their comparisons.

From our text of the week,  "Nadia's Hands," we were introduced to some practices that are done in preparing for a wedding in the pakistani culture. We learnt what Mehndi is and that many girls and brides will decorate their hands in henna for the celebration. We learnt about the meanings of the different Mehndi symbols. We then designed our own...

We enjoyed having a go at the types of dancing that would happen at celebrations...

We were very lucky to have a parent come in and talk more about Islamic culture. She showed us traditional clothes and jewellery, brought in food for us to try and even put henna on us. 

Today a Bride and Groom wandered into school as they were looking for the church ready to attend their wedding! The both looked so smart and beautiful. We enjoyed looking at their suit and dress.

They asked us if we knew where the church was, the children explained the way to the church and talked about what they would pass on the way there.



The Bride and Groom had also lost their flowers, we decided to help them by making some tissue paper flowers for them.

Next we made them a list of everything that they would need for a wedding. Just in case they had forgotten anything else!

We loved looking at the Bride's beautiful dress and then got to see what Wedding used to look like a few years ago! We were then keen to design our own. Some of us drew a wedding dress and some of us designed a dress by cutting ad sticking pieces like flowers and bows on to a template. Once we were happy with our designs we wrote a sentence about them. What do you think?

Today there was a flour trail running through reception. It led to a note and a hat! Who had been?

The note was from some very busy bakers who has heard we were having a wedding and might need a cake! They asked us to look at some pictures of different wedding cakes and decide which ones we preferred...

The bakers had been again!! This time they had left us some different cakes to taste test to decide which flavour we would like the cake. There was Victoria sponge, lemon and chocolate cake. We tasted them all and then voted for our favourite. We collated our data and it was clear that chocolate cake was the most popular.

The bakers had then sent us a letter to say that were far too busy to make our cake in time for the wedding! They sent us a recipe to read and said we would have to bake our own. We then wrote shopping lists so Miss Rhodes knew what ingredients she needed to buy over the weekend so we could bake our cake on Monday in time for the wedding!

It was time to bake our chocolate Wedding cake! We took it in turns to measure out the ingredients and mix them up. Then it was time to bake it.


Finally we are Wedding ready!

What a Wonderful Wedding Day! 


A big thank you to everybody that came and celebrated with us. You all helped us to make the day as special as could be by providing, outfits, flowers, cakes and turning up to witness the ceremony at the Church!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!