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Dino Discovery - Spring 1 

Welcome to home learning week 1. Yesterday, the children had an amazing time exploring the classroom to find out who had stolen the dinosaur egg from Paleontologist Penny. We followed the footprints and found the egg outside in the mud kitchen area. It was an amazing egg with goey slime all over the top. Can you remember the colour of the egg. 





This week we have started to explore the number 9. Yesterday we followed the dinosaur footprints and found an egg which had been left in our mud kitchen.
I would like you all to have a go at cutting out 10 dinosaur footprints and with the help of mum or dad labelling them with the numbers 1 - 10.
When you have finished, can you jump along the number line to the number 9?
Can you jump back 1? Look at the numbers that come before and after the number 9.
What are they?
Ask your parent / carer to say a number 1 - 10. You have to find that number as quickly as possible.
Please use the dinosaur footprint templates below to guide you and remember have fun.


Today I would like you to look at the sound 'm' for 'mountain'. Can you practise writing this on a sheet of paper. Remember to say 'maisy mountain mountain' as you write it. Using some of the other sounds we have learnt could you write me a list of some words that begin with 'm'. You can do this with coloured pens or pencils. 

I thought of the word 'm-a-t' or 'm-i-t'. Which words can you think of?