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Activities during closure

Some top tips to keep busy:

- Read a book for 15 minutes a day

- Do a gig on TT Rockstars

- Complete work on Purple mash (2DO'S)

- Complete your daily diary entry

- Complete the daily activities below

- Get involved with Joe Wicks PE lesson every morning on youtube live! 9:00 AM.

During this difficult time I think it would be fantastic if children in Elder class could keep a record of their daily activities in the form of a diary entry. When we return to normal school life we can then discuss our diary entries and share them with each other!


Today you can start your diary entry, think about how you are going to write it and where you will record it!


Today, can you think of your favourite character from either a TV show, a book, a film, a magazine etc. and write a character description of this person! You could simply write this onto paper or maybe create a mind map with a picture of the character in the centre!


Maths hunt! Using one piece of A4 plain paper, create 5 questions for someone in your house to answer! Then write the answers down onto smaller pieces of paper and hide them around the house! See if they can match the answer to the question. Then swap over, can you beat their time?


Today I thought it would be fantastic if everyone in Elder class could join in with the Joe Wicks PE lesson on you tube live! Following this, I'm going to set you the challenge of creating your own circuit in the living room, garden or wherever you can find space!


Can you create your own family tree? Using bright coloured pencils to sketch a tree see if you can then put any members of your family onto it! You could add your friends too.


SHAPE HUNT! Can you go on a hunt around your house looking for different objects that are different shapes? Can you set a challenge for someone in your house to find these shapes? Make sure you record these shapes somewhere, maybe in your diary or just on scrap paper!


Today's challenge is to write a letter persuading people to come and visit the Roman Empire! Think about everything we have learnt so far with 'ROMANS ON THE RAMPAGE'  How are you going to persuade people to come and visit? Think about Julius Caesar, the Roman army  and the land they own. You could write it like a newspaper article and add drawings.


Can you create a storyboard of the things you've done so far while we haven't been at school? Plan your storyboard before you write it. Have 6 parts to your storyboard, each part has a drawing and then underneath you describe what happened and how it made you feel. If you enjoy doing this activity you could even make one at the end of every week!


BATTLESHIPS! Today I've set you the challenge of playing this game in any space you can. If you have a garden, play there. If you haven't don't worry, you can play in any space you have available. Firstly, find some targets, these can be toys, boxes, pillows etc. Next, find two balls to play with. If you don't have any you could use rolled up socks! spread the targets on either side (use a stick to divide the sides up, like in the picture). Now your set to play! When you hit a target on your opponents side you can then put it at the side, the first person to eliminate all of their opponents objects wins!


If you don't have anyone to play with, play against yourself! time how long it takes for you to hit all the targets and try beat your time!


This game will improve your throwing and accuracy skills. CHALLENGE: Can you create your own throwing and catching game?

DAY 10

Get dancing! Today's challenge is to create your own dance. See if you can get your family to join in with you, film it and then watch it back to see if you can improve. The more creative the better! If you're really struggling for ideas you can use some of the moves you learnt with Mr Frankland.