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Autumn 1

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt


We listened the story and wanted to go out hunting for leaves ourselves.  We didn't come across a forest, a waterfall or a lake but we did find some hills to climb, trees to explore and the big field to run across. 

The children had a great time together, sharing what they had found with each other and talking about the colours they saw, as well as shapes and sizes of the leaves. 

 'We're going on a leaf hunt, we're going to find some colourful ones. what a wonderful day!'  




Baking acorn biscuits 

We have been baking this week in Nursery. We made acorn biscuits because we have been looking at lots of different autumn objects. We are also called acorn class. We loved mixing and measuring then waiting for them in the oven. We then decorated our biscuits sand enjoyed eating them. 

Exploring autumn 

We have had a lovely week exploring autumn and everything associated with it. We have enjoyed finding leaves that have fallen off the tree and found conkers inside their shells. Our favourite was exploring the pumpkins and finding all of the seeds inside. 

Large scale mark making 

We have been making marks on cardboard boxes on the floor. We sat and made marks. The children copied what I was doing so I drew a circle to see if they could do it. I then drew a straight line and they copied. It was so lovely to see some children who don’t often draw, drawing when the environment or what they’re drawing on has changed. It’s lovely to see. 


The children have been enjoying the story ‘ Elmer’. Some have sat and listened as a grown up read it to small groups of children and others have enjoyed flicking through ‘Elmer’ books and talking about the pictures.  We have talked about colours, patterns, elephants and being different, amongst other things that came up when discussing the pictures. 

We even turned plain, ordinary gray elephants into colourful Elmers! 

We have had a great time making marks on big sheets of paper and making them as big as possible. We practised in the air first then had a go on the paper and cardboard. We then had some pens attached to cars and were driving the cars around, waiting to see what marks they made. It was so much fun!

Our displays so far…


We love to paint and have been exploring colour mixing this week. 

We looked at the green leaves but didn't have any green paint - we loved to see the green colours appear when we mixed the blue and yellow together!


Message Centre

Our children are encouraged to make marks, draw and write from the moment they join us at nursery.  

Our staff encourage this by modelling holding pens and pencils and writing and drawing as we play with the children both inside and outside the classroom.  This week we set up a message centre, encouraging  children to take a rolled up piece of paper and write/draw so that they can send a note or message to a friend of family member.   It was a big hit!





The children were presented with a basket of ‘windfalls’ together with some cardboard apple trays.  Look at the play and learning that came from this! 


Nursery have enjoyed talking about themselves this week. They have learnt lots about what they look like and what colour hair and eyes they have. We have been drawing self portraits and practising our pencil grips. Nursery have listened very well and changed the grip on their pencils when prompted. 

We have loved playing with the marble run. Especially the wooden one inside. The children took it in turns to roll the balls down the ramps, waiting patiently for their turn. 

Let the journey begin...

The children have had a brilliant start to Nursery. They have loved exploring the different areas and getting to know each other. The paint and the playdough have been favourites so far! They have enjoyed exploring outside and wearing the wellies to splash in the puddles. The children have come in so well and loved colouring and getting to know the adults in the room. Well done Nursery!

We had our first singing lesson too. The children sat so beautifully and tried their hardest to learn the songs. We sang Rocky Mountain and once I caught a fish alive amongst others. Well done Nursery. 

We have enjoyed our second week of Nursery. We have been getting to know all of the rules and routines and learnt how to tidy up and share our toys. We have been exploring the different areas and making new friends. We have been sitting on the carpet and enjoying milk and bagels, listening to stories and singing songs. We have loved every minute.