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Hello everyone!

I am so amazed and excited by how many entries into the Winter Wonderland/Santa's grotto I received. They were all absolutely fantastic and so creative!

The amount of time and effort that was put into them was amazing and the different resources that were used were so imaginative! 

Thank you so much for taking part. I have really enjoyed looking at them all (albeit on photos when I would have loved to have seen them in real life!) and judging the winners.

It was too hard to just choose a winner so I picked three criteria and scored each entry on the different criteria. The first criteria was creativity, the second was independence and the third was personality and how much of your personality came through in your design. So without keeping you waiting any longer, the winners are....


EYFS - Sophie Mead Ash class

KS1 - Oakley Marston Blossom class

LKS2 - Isabella Holdcroft Mulberry class

UKS2 - Ella Ratcliffe Willow class


Prizes will either be sent in the post, posted to you if you live local to the school or given to you in school if you are currently attending. 

You all did amazing and I hope you look out for the next challenge at Easter. I might even set one smaller one for the February half term holidays. 

Thank you so much, 

Mrs Gray 

         Ella                                               Isabella                                       Sophie                                    Oakley