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Thursday 4th February

Today we are going to continue to tell the time to 5 minute intervals. Have a look at the worksheet below.



Today we are going to re-read the story and think about all of the places that Morris went to. Can you create your own map like the one below to show the order of places that Morris went to. Draw a picture for each one and write where he ended up.



We still need to search the tunnels for the special fossil stone that unlocks the next padlock. With the help of Mr and Mrs Mole and their children we should be able to find it in no time. We need to invite them to come with us because they have such a good sense of smell they should be able to lead us there. Morris has got much better with his directions and Mrs Mole is an excellent navigator.


In our invitation we need to say:

  • To
  • what they are invited to and why
  • where we are going
  • when we are going (time and day)
  • where we should meet
  • what they should bring (his glasses!!)
  • how to let us know if they are coming
  • from


We do not have a special word today, instead we have a special piece of punctuation. We need to include our comma's for a list.


e.g. To Morris, Mrs Mole and the mole children.

 You should bring your glasses, worm noodles and your tunnel map.


We need to make sure we look the part so that the incoming 'bad' pirates think that we are pirates too! Follow the instructions to make your own pirate hat.

Ways to decorate your hat