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Rockin' All Over The World

To start our new Adventure, we noticed a discovery in our playground.

Next to the crashed balloon, we found a letter that told us where it had come from and that there were some items missing that we needed to find. We also learnt that the owner of this Balloon was a man called Barnaby Miles and he wants us to go on an Adventure with him around the world.

Our first piece of Writing 

The children then wrote a biography about Barnaby Miles. To make sure they included enough information, they used conjunctions to extend their sentences.  To begin with, the children separated sets of words into 2 categories: Conjunctions and Non-Conjunctions. They discussed together why each word came under the category it did.

The children created their own 3D hot-air balloons using a template and colouring their own design on the front and back. They then stuck several copies together to create a 3D balloon which looked really effective. The children used their cutting and design skills. Their own photo will then be added to them so they look like they're flying. 
As Barnaby needed his hot air  balloon fixing, we helped him make a new one, using a variety of different equipment. We investigated if the size of the balloon made a difference to its effectiveness, so each group made a different sized balloon. Mr Ashford and Mrs Thompson then used candles to see if these took off into the air. 
After completing lots of research about hot-air balloons the children wrote an explanation about them. 
For their Short Editing lesson, the children looked at a character description about Barnaby Miles, which was a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like). They had to then answer some questions, where they explained why it was a good piece. They commented on how it 'painted a picture of Barnaby Myles' and how it was not repetitive. 
On our journey we visited the country of Russia. We discovered that’s it’s capital city was Moscow and in the red square the St Basil’s Cathedral can be found which is regarded as a symbol of the country. St Basil’s Cathedral is now a museum and the ultimate tourist attraction when visiting the country. It’s magnificent architecture and colours are dazzling. The children sketched out their own design of St Basil’s Cathedral and then coloured them in with bright colours.  
We also looked at the Moscow Kremlin. This is located in front of St Basil’s Cathedral. The children created their own clay model of the Kremlin and then wrote a thorough evaluation of what went well and what went wrong. 
In order to help us travel around the world we learnt all about longitude and latitude and found compass points of different cities across the world.  As we continue our journey, we flew over the Himalayas.
Some children created fact files on purple mash on the iPads about the Himilayas and others created their own fact file. 
The breathtaking views over the Himalayas were a wonderful sight. The children wrote their own setting descriptions about the Himalayas. 
For our science lessons this adventure we looked at electricity when we visited Tokyo. With all the bright lights and fantastic sights we used our previous knowledge of power sources. The children looked at circuits and how they worked. They found that if a section of the circuit was broken that the light or motor wouldn't work. 
At the end of our Adventure, the parents came into school to watch a video the children had filmed about our trip around the world. This explained everywhere we had been in detail and really allowed the children to show off all the work they completed throughout the Adventure.