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Autumn 2 - A Wartime Tale

Our adventure began when we met Nancy and Edwin who are brother and sister living in 1939...

We listened to an announcement made by Neville Chamberlain then completed a Burn 2 Learn (using wartime music)  to discover some facts about WW2 that we could explain to Edwin and Nancy.

Then we learnt about the countries that were involved with the war and created maps to show which side certain countries were on....

Next, we researched different types of bomb shelters to keep Nancy and Edwin safe if they were involved in any bombings during the war...

We wrote down some of our reactions and feelings to the Prime Minister's announcement on post-its.

After, we imagined what it would have been like to hear that announcement and wrote a diary....

Before writing, we got into role and learnt how to use semi colons and colons correctly.

Meanwhile, in reading, we read a text about the outbreak of WW2 to help our understanding.  After, we answered lots of different types of questions about the text.....

We worked out some difficult words.......

After designing our Anderson shelters, we set about making them using cardboard for the main structure.  We needed to think about how best to support the shelter in case of an attack.

Our finished shelters were amazing - BUT we still needed to test them to see they could withstand a bomb attack.  Using items of varying weight, we tested our shelters and recorded the results in a table.

With the windows blacked out, we then imagined what it might have been like to live through the Blitz. 

Afterwards, we imagined walking through the streets and labelled up pictures with what we could see, hear and smell. We then wrote a setting description describing our experiences. 

In reading, we read the opening chapter of Goodnight Mister Tom. We answered some questions and used some outlines to show what we knew about the characters: Mr Tom and the Willie the evacuee.

In editing, we learnt more about evacuation by completing a WAJOLL - what a jumbled one looks like. In partners, we worked together to put the sentences back together.

As Nancy or Edwin, we wrote about our experiences at the described Mrs Mable's (our host) house and drew what she looked like. Then we wrote letters home to our parents.

In art, we learnt about Lowry and tried to recreate his style of drawing London before and after the Blitz.  Using colours to match the mood, we used his signature matchstick men and focused on the buildings. 

While staying with Mrs Mabel, Edwin and Nancy experienced different foods.  We completed a Burn 2 Learn to sort war time foods into fact or fiction sets.  It turned out they were ALL real - even squirrel tail soup!

Mrs Mabel was a very religious person who taught us about the different symbols used in Christianity.  We completed another Burn 2 Learn to work out what these symbols were called and meant and wrote about them in our books. Afterwards we designed our own stained glass windows featuring some of the symbols we had learnt about.   

Finally, as our adventure came to a close, we held a Wartime Christmas Carol Concert.  Our parents came to watch us sing and perform on guitars and ukuleles before joining us back in the classroom for some lemon tarts and mince pies we had made the day before.

Making mince pies for our Wartime Christmas Concert

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Our adventure song

The Quarter Master's Stores

This is a World War I era song. The Quartermaster is the officer responsible for accommodation, equipment and lodging the a military unit. Soldiers often had complaints about their food and lodging, and this song was an outlet for those complaints.