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Suspect 5 Rabbi Sacks

The second suspect was Rabbi Sacks who told us all about the Jewish faith. He showed us different items that are important to Jews such as the Menorah candle and the star of David.

Rabbi Sacks then taught us about the differences between a Bar Mitzvah and a Bat Mitzvah.


Bar Mitzvah- When a boy turns 13 and becomes an adult according to the Jewish faith.

Bat Mitzvah- When a girl turns 12 and becomes an adult according to the Jewish faith.


They then become accountable for their own actions and have the responsibility of following Jewish laws, traditions and ethics. They have a party to celebrate and their fathers normally give thanks to god for no longer being punished for their child's sins.  



The children then looked at the rules of Judaism. They looked at what foods they can and cant eat. if they are allowed to eat it, it's called Kosher.  





Lamb, shark, goose, apple, lemon, broccoli, carrots, turkey, duck, banana, chicken, lettuce, peas, tomato, potato, pear, courgette, fresh orange juice, cabbage, water, cucumber, strawberries, goat.


Not Kosher


Pork, prawns, cow's milk, crab, eel, lobster, squid, hare.


There are strict rules about eating meat and dairy products together. So if milk was used in a meal then meat couldn't be eaten at the same time and they had to wait so many hours before they could eat meat.

Finally he took us to  look at the 'Wailing Wall' in Jerusalem, This is somewhere that people of the Jewish faith go to on a pilgrimage. It was such an experience that we decided to write letters home telling our family all about it!